NGOs Crossroads (documentary movie screening and discussion with the author)

Department of Political Science invites you to a movie screening and a discussion with the author:

“NGOs Crossroads”

with a visiting professor Melina Kalfelis (University of Bayreuth)

When? 12st November (Tuesday), from 18:00

Where? NB A (New Buidling)

Movie synopsis: How to fight poverty in a country where poverty is part of everyday life? This question is rarely asked. In Africa today, countless local NGOs work in collaboration with international partners, while very few are institutionally strengthened through the course of their partnerships. During a journey through the daily lives of development actors in Burkina Faso, the film exposes today transformations within Burkinabe development associations. These transformations are facilitated by the influence of international organizations, but its’ consequences are rarely reflected. The documentary focuses on two Burkinabe associations, each with different prerequisites: The first association works with private donors from the Netherlands and can thus maintain its own projects. The second association must constantly adapt to new partners, which is how it becomes increasingly bureaucratic and is forced to abandon its own objectives, employees and its own projects. Nevertheless, both organizations face similar dilemmas: They are development organisations that are themselves on the verge of poverty.